Best Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Welcome to our famous strawberry banana smoothie recipe. Nothing can beat a glass of freshly made strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast and in the afternoon when you decide to relax during the blazing hot day.

The creaminess of the banana with the sweetness and texture of strawberries is a perfect blend to satisfy one’s nostalgia.


We have tried many fruit smoothie recipes over the year. Still, nothing can surpass the fruitiness and simplicity of our favorite strawberry banana smoothie enriched with nutritious ingredients.

If you are wondering which strawberry banana smoothie recipe we are talking about, don’t worry! We are here to guide you with step-by-step instructions for this creamy and thick strawberry banana smoothie. And when we say simple, it is a very on-to-go recipe, for sure.

The health benefits of our fruit smoothie recipe are incredible. This fruit smoothie is one of the easiest, fun, and most delicious drink that can help you cut off a few inches for that perfect summer body you’ve dreamed of. It also helps the body fulfill the nutrients that you might be missing out on because of your diet and eating habits.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the easiest and quick recipes. The question that might arise is how to make a smoothie. The only thing that makes the fruit smoothie amazing is the attention to the ingredients and appliances. We have compiled a few critical points that can make a perfect glass of fruit smoothies.


<strong>Things You Need to Care About</strong>
  • Use half-frozen fruit and half-fresh fruit: Whether you are making a banana smoothie or a strawberry smoothie or both, use half-frozen fruit and half-fresh. When frozen fruits are blended, they create a thick texture with frozen yogurt or soft serve. Add fresh fruit will allow you to add flavor and control the consistency as well. If the fruits you want to use in the smoothie are just available frozen, let it thaw before making a smoothie.
  • Use a powerful blender: This might sound weird, but a blender makes a massive difference in the smoothie texture. Since you are using frozen fruits, the blender should have enough power and sharp blades to give to a perfect smoothie. A dull blade and an average motor will ruin the beautiful ingredients and increase the chance of damage while crushing frozen ingredients.

In case, if you are looking for a powerful smoothie blender, we have compiled a list of the best smoothie blenders in the market. Click here to check it out.

  •  Milk of choice Milk is an essential ingredient in making smoothies. Feel free to use Cow’s or goat’s milk. If you are looking for a vegan substitute, you can use coconut milk, hemp milk, cashew nut milk, almond milk. Seriously the possibilities are endless with the fantastic options available in the market.
  •  Juice instead of milk Yes, this may sound a little crazy, but you can use your favorite sauce in the smoothie. It is an amazing substitute for milk for our lactose intolerance friends also.
  •  No need for sugar or sweeteners Many fruit smoothie recipes call for sugar, even in a strawberry smoothie or banana smoothie. Both strawberries and bananas are gifted with natural sweetness. If you incorporate smoothies in your weight-loss diet plans, these naturally sweetened drinks are an ideal sugar substitute.
  •  No need to add Ice Few people love to have ice cold and chilled smoothies. Using frozen fruits in the smoothie serves the cause, but add ice to the smoothie might dilute the taste and make the smoothie quite runny and watery with time.

How to Make a Smoothie?

Making a smoothie is quite easy. You just have to blend either fresh or frozen fruit ingredients in the blender and keep up the consistency of the blend as you desire.

We are here to offer a strawberry banana smoothie recipe for a perfect glass for you. Our recipe is just as quick & easy as counting 1 2 3 and is so flexible that you can add on your preferred ingredients in it.


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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • A cup of Fresh Strawberries
  • ½ Cup Milk of your choice

Variations in Blend

The recipe we are offering is fundamental. The combination of strawberries and bananas may be perfect, but it gives you enough space for experimentation. Moreover, you can add other various ingredients to upgrade and get to the top of your smoothie game.

  •  Yogurt If you want your fruit smoothie more creamy smoothie, we recommend you to add ¼ cup of plain or Greek yogurt with ¼ cup of milk.
  •  Vanilla Vanilla is an explosion to flavor in anything sweet. However, you can use vanilla extract, vanilla gel, or pulp from fresh vanilla pods. Keep in mind ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract is more than enough for our strawberry banana smoothie. Don’t let it overpower the taste.
  •  Leafy greens We have grown up listening to how much greens are essential. And believe us when we say, a handful of fresh kale and spinach is just amazing. It is not only healthy but tasty as well.
  •  Seeds You might have come across these amazing glasses of smoothie on your social media’s newsfeed. One of the variations introduced by the latest trends was adding seeds to the smoothies, just like smoothie bowls. Our favorite picks are chia seeds, crushed flaxseeds, and hemp seeds. A tablespoon is enough for a glass.
  •  Powders In case, if you like to use powders, feel free to use it in the smoothie. You can add a scoop of acai powder or protein powder. If you feel like having something chocolaty, you can add one tablespoon of Cocoa powder. If you are a big fan of Macha like us, we recommend you add that. It’s total bliss.


  1. Put all of the ingredients in the blender. We are using Vitamix Explorian Blender for blending our smoothie.
  2. Blend until the mixture has become smooth and thick.
  3. Add a little more milk to adjust the consistency of the blend.
  4. Serve immediately to enjoy it chilled.
CALORIES: 198.1kcal, CARBOHYDRATES: 30.8g, PROTEIN: 5.9g, FAT: 7.1g, SATURATED FAT: 3.7g, CHOLESTEROL: 21.2mg, SODIUM: 66.6mg, FIBER: 4.8g, SUGAR: 20.5g

Final Verdict

Although, the strawberry banana smoothie recipe mentioned above is packed with flavors and the nutritional value your body strives for. The recipe is so flexible that you can when making it just a strawberry smoothie or banana smoothie with the variation you love, every morning and every day. Do let us know your favorite varieties and combination too.


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