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If you are looking for the Blendjet One Review, then you are in the right place. When we talk about portable blenders with rechargeable batteries, then Blendjet is a prominent name. The ergonomic design with a 2000 mAh battery took the market by storm and positively impacted many users.



Whenever we think of buying a kitchen appliance, we always think of the size and power. We have tested Blendjet One thoroughly for you in advance, and we are delighted to share over blend jet one reviews.

Indeed, it is an ideal choice for smoothie lovers, travelers, adventurers, and fitness geeks. It is easy to carry, lightweight, and powerful enough to crush ice. Moreover, a rechargeable battery is a cherry on the top.

Blendjet One Review

Blendjet One is a revolutionary and portable kitchen appliance for smoothie lovers. This fantastic blender has emerged in the market and grabbed the attention of many.


It promises to deliver a fresh glass of smoothie by just connecting to your laptop, and its recharging option is just what you need. Let’s face it, we all live a fast-paced life, and technology is evolving at the same pace. Blend jet One is not just any other personal portable blender. It is a friend in places like camps, mountains, and especially for a day at the beach in the summer.

Speaking of summer, the fresh fruity and icy indulgence at the beach under hot sun… Just beautiful…

Blend jet One was featured in Ellen’s in 2019, specifically for the summer. Thus, This compact monster gain attention for its fiery performance and workability.

Here is a list of pros and cons for you so that your decision about the product can get even easier!

  • Compact
  • Ideal for camping, traveling, and outdoor use
  • BPA free and food-grade Jar container
  • 2000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Good battery timings
  • 20000+ revolutions per minute
  • 6-edges 304 stainless steel blades
  • Comes in many colors
  • Matte-finish body
  • Costs under $50
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • USB recharging
  • Can prepare 10 to 12 servings of drinks in one recharge

  • Not ideal for heavy blending
  • Limited serving in one go


Why Blendjet One is the one?

Blendjet One is one of the most convenient and portable options that you will ever get. The slim ergonomic design with blends and a wide range of colors are eye-catching. Aside from the looks, the performance is good enough for such a portable blender.

One of the benefits Blend jet One has over other blenders is the rechargeable battery. It is so convenient, especially when you are traveling or camping. A glass of smoothie or shake is not just refreshing but also energizing in such places.

Why other companies copy Blendjet?

Many companies are coping with the design and structure of Blendjet One. Apparently, the reason is simple, “The portability.” We all know the attributes of a good blender; simple design, durable material, easy to carry, easy to use, and, most notably, the wattage and blades.

Somehow, Blendjet One fulfills the criteria. It has a perfect design, good performance, and functionality. Moreover, the size and rechargeable battery capacity is the cherry on the top. Thus, the variety of colors and compact size satisfies the user.

Is size really important?

Whenever we talk about the blender, our primary focus is always the power. You might have often asked how fine your blender can blend. Of course, performance is our first priority, but you also consider the size when it comes to regular use. The rule is simple; if the machine is hefty, then the performance will be outstanding too.

But when it comes to the portable and personal blenders, your preference is different. Let us be honest, technology is advancing as small size can give you fantastic performance. Blendjet reviews have shown that Blendjet One is the most demanded product in the market. The small size, lightweight, and durable body with optimal performance are all you need.

You cannot take a heavy blender to the camps, or you cannot even think about carrying it while traveling. Moreover, you do not need a 1000 or more-watt blender at the campsite, especially when there is no electricity. Everyone wants to travel with ease, having limited baggage and peace of mind.

Thus, Blendjet One is ideal for such a scenario. The usage is also not limited here. You can use it in the office when you are running late or even at home.

Portability of Blendjet One

Let us talk about how technically the Blendjet One is compact and portable. The machine is almost 3x3x9 inches in dimension. It is practically the size of the pocket of cargo pants. In short, you can even carry it around in your cargo pants with no hustle.


You can carry this lightweight blender in the backpacks’ side pockets for hiking and even gym. A fresh glass of protein shake after a workout is your way to health.

The blender has a high-quality plastic jar that is not just lightweight but also durable. Moreover, the set of sharp blades does not compromise the compact size.

What makes the blades so unique?

The blades used in Blenderjet One are made from high-quality and food-grade 304 stainless steel. You might be thinking what 304 stainless steel is? Well, it is a combination of Nickel and Chromium alloys. This alloy composite ensures the finest and durable quality.

Moreover, the 304 stainless steel is electrically inert and non-magnetic in nature. Therefore, blades do not experience any interference with the magnetic field generated by the motor. Eventually, it allows the motor to run swiftly with the maximum revolution per minute.

What comes along with the Blendjet One?

You might have come across some new accessories and tools while unpacking a blender. Blendjet One is not just simple in operation but also with accessories. But it still has the necessary accessories you really need like 2 lids, USB Cable, jar/cup container, and most importantly, the motor.

Now, you must be thinking that the motor comes separately then no. The motor has a high-quality and electrically inert casing for protection. The motor base and the jar/cup are detachable and easy to compile.

The USB cable is provided for recharging the motor. Moreover, the cable’s length is longer than the usual charging cables for ease of the user.

Also, the package comes with 2 cap lids. Moreover, the cover has a sturdy strap of nylon that helps you in a better grip.

Ease of the design

Blendjet has kept the design so simple for the ease of the users. It is compact and straightforward, but it has the capability to handle all blending chores. It is an affordable and super-efficient handheld blender for personal use.

The first impression you get from the design is eye-catching color and a fancy jar. The system is genuinely inspired to be minimalistic, and it has a sturdy yet pleasing finish too. A nylon strap at the top of the lid helps to hold the blender easily.

Durable Blades

A single blade has six sharp edges pattern making it super versatile. Such design is rarely seen in the big and conventional blenders. Even the small blenders have no more than a maximum four-edged blade.

The six-edged blade is very debatable for a rechargeable battery-operated blender. But Blendjet reviews have proved that it is not just possible but super-efficient as well. This smart design gives you the best results, even if the ingredients are hard, dry, pulpy, or mushy.

Furthermore, the six edges include pairs of sharp, pointed, and dull edges. Each pair is engineered to serve a specific purpose: Sharp edges can cut through any fruits and vegetables. Similarly, the tapered and pointed edges blend and crush the dry ingredients like dried herbs, peppercorns, and chickpea. The dull edges extract the maximum nutrition from the ingredients for your healthy yet delicious drinks or dips.

Battery Persistency

We have discussed the size and design in our Blendjet One reviews so far. Let us be real; the performance comes down to not just the motor and the battery also. This affordable blender has a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Yes, almost half of your smartphone’s battery and your smartphones’ battery last for at least a day on full usage. Then imagine how useful this rechargeable blender can be.

Indeed, Blendjet did not compromise on the battery capacity for sure. The battery only takes almost 2 to 3 hours to be charged fully. The charging does not need any fancy or different charger, the USB is included in the packet, and it can even be charged by laptop and car USB ports. How convenient is that!

Moreover, this battery is enough to prepare 10 to 12 servings of smoothies, shakes, and cocktails within 80 to 90 seconds of blending each. The secret behind the smoothness and silkiness of drinks made by Blendjet One is how fast the blades move. They move at the speed of 20000 revolutions per minute or even more. Even thou, it is so fast, you would not hear a sound from it. It is the quietest blender.


The design is not just simple but very easy to understand and use. The blender has a single button on its motor base. This single operation button comes with a pre-programmed blending speed.

This single button eliminates the confusion most of us have with many controls. No more confusion anymore! Moreover, the in-built smart and intelligent safety feature ensures that the machine does not overheat or for the motor overspin. It also helps in making the machine long-lasting.

Colorful and Stylish!

While reviewing this product, we were not just wowed by its functionality but also the variation of colors. Blendjet has really taken the term “Personal” for no reason. This product is available in more than the colors we have in the rainbow.

Whether you are buying it for your child, friend, or yourself, the range of colors will help you choose with personal preferences and personality. This is how unique it gets!

The eye-catching color scheme with a matte finish is just classy but has a theory behind it. The matte finish actually helps in having a good grip, while the glossy surface can get slippery! Moreover, the matte finish does not leave any fingerprints of the user. At the same time, the glossy and thermal containers have so many visible and unpleasant fingerprints.

Variation in Blend

Let us try something new with Blendjet One. Whenever you talk about portable and personal blenders, the first thing that comes to your mind is the smoothie. Yes! The icy, sweet, and refreshing goodness will not just blow away your taste buds about also the heat of the scorching sun. With Blendjet One, it literally does not matter whether you are at home near the pool or by the beach.

One of the latest trends also gave us an idea of yogurt-based drinks as well, so why should we not try some in this magical machine! Whether the ingredients are hard, dry, or even frozen, Blendjet One got you covered.

Since we are talking about smoothies and frozen ingredients, then let us make a breakfast smoothie. Maybe Banana Strawberry smoothie or Banana Blueberry smoothies. The choices are endless all day long. But do remember, one of the essential ingredients for smoothies is frozen fruit. Frozen fruit smoothies can make you question the incredibility of your blender.


We have tried our favorite recipes for Banana Strawberry smoothie, Banana Blueberry smoothies, and tropical smoothies in this magical blender. Indeed, it was a great success. The creamy and smooth glass of smoothie is packed with nutrition all day long; it is perfect.

If you are wondering what our favorite blendjet recipes for the strawberry banana smoothie and blueberry banana smoothie are? Go check out complete recipes there.

Want to try some iced coffee? Pop some ice, milk, coffee, or maybe ice-cream too, and you are ready to drink the creamy and yummilicious coffee just like that! Believe the possibilities are endless.

If you are not restricted to drinks, then let us prepare a few dips, salad dressings, or salsa in this fantastic blender! A bag of chips and with just ingredients like avocado, jalapenos, lime, cilantro, and onion, your Guacamole is only 60 to 90 seconds away. Chop the onions and jalapenos in the same blender, add pitted-skinned avocado and blend it up. For the finish, add lime juice and cilantro. A perfect snake for the day!

Blendjet One: Your Fitness Companion

If you are not lazy like us and love to hit the gym, protein shakes and drinks are essential before and after a gym workout. Personal blenders are literally your fitness companion due to its handheld blending abilities.


Making smoothies, shakes, and even margaritas outside the camp, gym, car and even mountains have never been so easy. The set of versatile blades can help you blend the greens for your health smoothies. And we have a perfect blendjet recipe for it as well. Just add your greens like spinach with frozen bananas and milk and blend it away.

Go, Check out our best green smoothie recipe here.

Protein shake after a workout, jogging, trekking, hiking, and even cycling is essential to boost energy! Then you should keep the blender in your side pocket with the ingredients too. Make one with milk, your favorite fruit, oatmeal, and a scoop of protein powder into the blender, and 80 to 90 seconds of the blend, and Voila, your drink is ready. Fast and easy and in the middle of nowhere, How exciting!


Amazon has a wide variety of portable and personal best blenders under 50! But the blendjet on Amazon is always on the top. Obviously, it is because of durability and consistency.

We all came to know how simple and straightforward it is from our blendjet review and breakdown of the blendjet portable blender’s anatomy. The body is made from premium plastic.

The jar is also made from durable BPA-free plastic. BPA plastic is not breakage and has no harmful effect on human health. Moreover, the jar does not discolor, too, as time passes. Furthermore, the air-tight lids prevent the mishap of spillage during your travel and all the bumpy rides.

Thus, Amazon has a high ranking for this blendjet blender as the best blender under 100.

How to clean the blendjet blender?

Cleaning Blendjet one is straightforward. The matte-finished body is easy to clean with a damp piece of cloth or with just tissue paper. The jar is made from durable and food-grade material, but it still needs cleaning to be odor-free and durable. Follow the following steps to keep your blender clean:

  1. Pour like a half cup of water into the jar.
  2. Add two to three drops of dishwashing liquid or soap.
  3. Give the blades spin for 10 to 20 seconds.

It is easy as that!

If you think you can smell the odor of previous ingredients, add ÂĽ cup of water with ÂĽ cup of vinegar and blend it for 10 to 20 seconds. Rinse with clean water afterward, and your jar is squeaky clean.

The design of the jar and container is simple, with flat walls and no bulges. That’s why the food particles do not stick to the walls. Hence making it very easy to clean and rise!

Buying Guide

While looking for a personal blender, many of us try to search for the best options available in the market. Such a survey also requires reading the buying guides. This detailed Blendjet One review should have cleared your vision to understand what exactly you are looking for. This product is famous for a reason, and the reason is that it fulfills many users and buyers’ requirements.

The USB-Rechargeable BlendJet One blender lets you blend single-serve smoothies, fruit juices, protein shakes, and frozen cocktails in about 90 seconds whenever you want and wherever you want until it is not discharged.

Final Verdict

Portable blenders are not just compact but easy to use and carry as well. Blendjet One stands as the best blender under 50. It is smart, rechargeable, and, most importantly, powerful. This blendjet one review is a complete overview of the product and its success in the market. The blending and chopping can never be so easy, like anywhere.

You can make smoothies, shakes, margaritas, and dips with just one compact machine. Hence, it is a premium choice for many users because of its overall workability and aesthetics. For more details, you can visit the blendjet official website.

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