Best Blueberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Blueberry banana smoothie is yet another option for yummy and fruity, thick goodness to start your day. The freshness of blueberries with a creamy blend of banana just tingles your taste buds for more.

Blueberry smoothies are considered as the king of the breakfast smoothies. Just because of the availability of the blueberries all year either frozen or fresh. The purpose of blueberry smoothies is not just to satisfy your breakfast; it can be a healthy substitute for your all-day snacks.

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Smoothies may be known to be one of the sweetest drinks out there. All of this sweetness comes from the fruits. In short, natural sweetening is healthy for the body and helps in weight reduction also. It is the best option for anyone on a diet and has a sweet tooth.

The blueberry banana smoothie recipe we got for you is packed with flavors and nutrients that will give you an instant boost of energy throughout the day. Bananas have the right amount of potassium along with Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants that help in cleaning the body. Similarly, the antioxidants in blueberries help in strengthening internal healthy and also help to fight the diseases that may occur with growing age.

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

We all have heard about many health benefits of blueberry smoothies. When you search for a healthy recipe with blueberry as a central ingredient, you might be overwhelmed. Seeing so many options like blueberry shake, blueberry peanut butter smoothie, blueberry yogurt smoothies, blueberry protein shake are mind bobbling. The possibility of using blueberries in your daily life are endless.


Same with the bananas. Banana-based smoothies can be paired with any time, and still, it will be a delicious combination you ever had. But You might have thought that which blueberry banana smoothie recipe you should follow. A recipe that is perfect on its own and when customized remains just yummy as it was before. Don’t worry, we are here with a few easy tips that can help you make your own delicious glass of blueberry banana smoothie in just minutes.

  •  Use one fruit fresh out of two:  Smoothies are popular for their thick creamy texture that lingers on your tongue, and those chilled sips are just heavenly yummy. Using frozen fruit will help you achieve both creamy texture and chilled refreshment.
  •  No ice:  Most of the recipes will recommend using ice, but we recommend not to. Since we are using One fruit frozen in the recipe so the drink will remain chilled without any dilution with ice or water.
  •  A powerful blender for perfect smoothies:  People often underestimate their ingredients just because they are not getting a smooth smoothie. The issue is not with the ingredient, maybe the blender isn’t compelling, or the blades are not sharp enough for the smoothie. Ingredients do have a 60% role in the recipe, the rest of 40% is depending on the appliances you are using. We recommend you invest some money in your blender too.

If you are looking for a quick fix or advice on a powerful smoothie blender, then don’t worry. We have a complete guide along with the list of the potential blenders. Click here to check them.

  •  Unsweetened milk and yogurt:  You can either use any kind of milk you want. It can be just our regular milk or any vegan milk as well. Moreover, you can add yogurt to your smoothie too. It enhances the texture definitely adding blueberry yogurt smoothies to your favorites. You can also use flavored yogurt but do keep in mind that it will have artificial sweetening in it.
  •  Say no to Sugar!:  As we said, Smoothies are notoriously famous for being too sweet but that natural sweetness in nature has been preserved for us and it is healthy. Adding more sugar will be overpowering and will definitely ruin your diet if you are following one.

How to Make Blueberry Banana Smoothie?

The recipe we have brought to you is so easy, so delicious and so flexible that you will be wowed by it. Furthermore, it needs no prep time, good news for late risers, or busy people. The recipe we will be sharing is good to go for a glass.

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Blueberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

  • Frozen Banana 1
  • Fresh Blueberries ½ cup
  • Milk of choice ½ cup
  • Yogurt 2 to 3 tablespoons

Variations in Blend

The recipe is very basic and good on its own, but we all know there is always room for improvement. Here are our favorite picks to customize the smoothie according to your taste:

  •  Vanilla:  A drop of vanilla can make a huge difference in the taste and smell of the drink. For one serving we recommend ¼ to ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract or essence or paste, whatever is available in your pantry.
  •  Seeds:  Seeds are not just healthy, and a good source of fiber. Moreover, they also give a crunchy element to the smoothie. Our top picks are crushed flax seed, hemp seeds or hearts, and chia seed. A tablespoon is good to go per serving. Few people add Granola instead of seeds too for crunch.
  •  Powders:  Many of us like to use protein or flavoring powders in the smoothie. For protein powder, one scoop is enough for a glass of blueberry protein shake or smoothie. If your big fan of matcha and cocoa powder like us then a tablespoon will do wonders, believe us!
  •  Peanut / Nut butter:  You might have already heard of blueberry peanut butter smoothie. We will definitely encourage you to add just 1 to 1 ½ tablespoons of peanut butter in this smoothie. You will love it. If you are allergic to peanuts, you can replace it with any nut butter you like.
  •  Seasonal fruit:  One either bananas or blueberries are available in fresh, you can always add anyone fresh seasonal fruit like fresh strawberries in the smoothie. Here you have made a glass of blueberry and strawberry smoothie.


  1. Add all ingredients into your blender. We are making this smoothie in our favorite Vitamix Explorian Blender.
  2. Blend the mixture until creamy and smooth.
  3. Add milk if too thick to adjust the consistency.
  4. Serve chilled.

Final Verdict

Hence, this healthy blueberry banana smoothie recipe is very satisfying as a breakfast, snack, afternoon, or after workout drink. You make either drink it in a glass, or you can make a smoothie bowl out of it with the variation ingredient as toppings. Seriously, it will become your favorite in no time. Do let us know what’s your favorite form of this recipe, smoothie, shake, or smoothie bowl…

Bon Appetite!

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