Blendfest Scholarship Program


What is Blendfest Scholarship Program?

Blendfest Scholarship Program is a cooking marathon where students can participate by trying out recipes that can be prepared using a blender. Recipes can be a smoothie, soup, salad dressing, or puree, etc.


You need to write a 1000 words article about the recipe that you are going to prepare yourself using a blender. You might get a better understanding of the writing pattern by exploring the recipes listed below:

Best Practices

You must record the blending process of the recipe. It is recommended to capture each and every major step from unprocessed ingredients to the blended serving.

You are not bound to use a specific blender brand for this. It can be Ninja, Vitamix, Blendjet, Blendtec, or any other blender that you have in your kitchen cabinet.

Eligibility Criteria

All the students that are enrolled at an Accredited University at the time of article submission are eligible for this Blendfest Scholarship Program.

<strong>Guidelines You Must Follow</strong>
  • Article must be submitted in .doc / PDF format
  • Include your Name & Email address on the left side header
  • The content of the article should be left-justified.
  • Use legible 12 point font size & 1- inch margins
  • You are basically going to jot down the complete recipe that you have prepared using the blender. Suppose you prepare a smoothie then you have to write why you have chosen this recipe, the complete step-by-step procedure including ingredients, the process till the final serving.
  • Take the pictures of the before and after blending and include them in the article.
  • Record a video while blending and send us in the email along with the article file (Video is Not Compulsory but Preferable)
  • Your essay must contain at least 1000 words. It must be original and written from your own blending experience.


Where to Submit the Article?

Email us at:


to submit your article and become a contestant of this Blendfest Scholarship Program.


The deadline for the article submission is July 01, 2021. The winner will be notified and announced on or around September 15, 2021.

Winner Prize


The winning article will be featured on the Blog section of Moreover, the winning student will be offered a one-time scholarship of $1000.


  • The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be substituted with any other rewards.
  • All winners will be asked to provide a valid transcript, proof of enrollment & student ID before getting their winning prize.
  • The panel will choose the winner contestant amongst all the participants. The presentation of the article, pictures/videos of the blending process, originality, and uniqueness in approach will all be taken into account by the review panel before making a decision.
  • Submitting your online scholarship application certifies that all the information you have provided is correct to the best of your knowledge. Be genuine otherwise, you will be disqualified if any information is found to be falsified.
  • The rules might subject to change without any notice.